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Drama Warm Up Games
All of the following drama games are great for warming up a group and helping them to get to know each other.
We intend to continually update this page with new games for you to play, so please keep checking back.
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Name Ball
This is a great drama game for learning names in a group. Often the first game we would play in a session with a new group.
Everyone stands in a circle. Pass a ball around the circle and instruct everyone to say their name when they have the ball.After the ball goes round once send it round in the other direction.
Next start to pass the ball across the circle. Everyone must say their name and then the name of the person they are throwing the ball to, if they cant remember a name then just ask. The ball must be thrown in a under arm fashion across the circle, allowing people every opportunity to catch the ball. You are not trying to bowl them out!
Let the exercise run for a while until you feel everyone has begun to pick up a few different names. You may need to remind people to say there name and the name of the person they throwing to.
Next the group only say the name of the person they are throwing to. At this point they can still ask peoples names.
Let the exercise run again for a little longer
Now introduce forfeits. People will incur a forfeit if they get someone’s name wrong, hesitate, um, er, deliver a bad throw or if its a bad catch. You will referee and your word is final. The first forfeit people incur if they make a mistake is to go down on one knee, if they make a 2nd mistake they put one arm behind their back, a 3rd error requires them to close one eye, and after that they close the other eye which means they are pretty much out of the game.
Make sure that you get people out quite quickly. Try to avoid one person being alone on the floor, if you cant get anyone else out then get yourself out.
Any one who…
This drama game is great for new groups or for introducing people to working as a group.
Set out a circle of chairs in the room. There should be enough chairs for everyone except you. Stand in the middle of the circle and invite the group to sit in the chairs.
Explain that the aim of the exercise is to get a chair. The way to acheive that aim is by saying a statement that is true for you, the statement will start with the words ‘any one who’ and then you will say something true about yourself. So for example if you have brown hair you can say 'anyone who has brown hair'.
If that statement is also true for anyone in the group they must get up out of their chair and move to a different chair somewhere else in the circle. Obviously someone will always be left in the middle and they then have to say something true for them, and so the game goes on.
Tell people that if they are in the middle and they can't find anything to say then they can just say 'all change'.
There are a couple of rules. This is a non contact sport so people cant pull someone out of their chair or knock them over in order to get to a chair first. People are not allowed to get out of their chair and return to the same chair, and finally they cannot sit in the chair directly next to you.
It is useful to start with yourself in the middle and use something that most people would move for such as 'anyone who brushes their teeth'
Groups of
A great drama game for building group cohesion and encouraging people to share information.
Everybody walks around the space. Tell the group that you will instruct them to get into different types of groups and they must do this when you say go.You can vary the types of groups. Use numbers such as groups of 4 or groups of people with the same color hair, people born in the same month, born in the same place, same star sign, same year, and anything else that you feel people may share.
Map on the floor
A great drama exercise for sharing information and communication in a group.
Everybody stand to the side of the room. Ask the group to imagine that on the floor is a map of the Uk. Establish North, South, East and West. Ask the group to stand in their favorite place in the UK. When everyone has found their place ask individuals what they like about that place.
You can make the map of anything you want. A map of the school, the world, the local superstore, and you could invite people to stand in the best place, the worst place, the place they’ve never been to and any other ideas you have.
Two Minute Portraits
A great drama exercise to learn names and get to know each other. Probably best for new groups.
Place a pile of paper and some pens/pencils on the floor, enough for everyone. You will need a stop watch.
Get everyone into pairs. Ask the pairs to decide who will be A and who will be B . When you say go A will interview B and try to find out as much as possible about them, they will have one minute and then they will swap round so B interviews A for one minute. Ask the group to remember that what ever they tell the person interviewing them will be shared with the rest of the group, so they shouldn't reveal anything they don't want to be shared. After the two minutes are up everyone should pick up some paper and a pencil and draw a picture that represents all the things they have found out about that person making sure they include their name. Give them two minutes to create the picture.When the participants have drawn their pictures go round and look at all the pictures getting each artist to talk about their subject and their picture.